the new way to find Local Produce

I like local, we try to get it when we can if getting meat etc, but sometimes it just isn’t as accessible as it should be, this is where comes in, it is an web & iphone app for sourcing local produce, from Veg to Meat an Bakers etc even beer, but also for you as a social-media person to ‘check-in’ and tell people about where you are and what your buying. You can upload photos tag brief description, geo-tag where you are, even add an audio, so why not get the owner to give a little talk about what they sell.

The App is the brainchild and love from @markspoff you can also follow what is happening with @lovefreshhq 



Anyone lucky enough to be on the Beta list for testing and trialling the software prior to the official release, if you are trying to install software, extract the zip file off the site, and drop onto the ‘library’ section in your itunes program, it should box the area off with 2 and copy highlighted.

I am @125f8


One thought on “ the new way to find Local Produce”

  1. Really chuffed you’re liking the app! We’re at an exciting point, pre public launch, starting to see how people will use the app. We’ve moved to release it early and develop it as we get feedback from users. It was tempting to throw all our dream features in but, for launch, we’ve kept it to our simple core proposition: a simple social tool to allow people to start connecting with great local food producers and sharing their finds with their friends.

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