FREE SafeHouse Explorer, Encryption Software.

SafeHouse Explorer is FREE encryption software which we’re making available to everyone as a free download in order to promote data privacy and help you to protect your confidential files. This FREE security software is full featured and will never expire!


It makes your secret files invisible and hides them from snoopers, intruders and anyone else who doesn’t have your permission to view them. SafeHouse Explorer uses passwords and maximum-strength 256-bit advanced encryption to completely hide and defend your sensitive files, including photos, videos, spreadsheets, databases and just about any other kind of file that you might have. 

Another trick it has, you can embed within the created volume a lite version of the software so you can open the folder on any machine with the knowledge that as soon as you close the window down its locked.

Plus should you feel the need to create a secure volume within a secure volume, it can do that too.


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