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via Bornrich by Wrik Sen on 03/09/11

Wrik Sen:

Pod Space Home garden based offices

Pod Space Home garden based officesPod Space Home garden based offices

With increasing number of self-employed people working from home, there has been a surge in demand for spaces within one’s home where official work can be carried out in comfort and peace. With city commercial spaces getting more expensive in most parts of the world, one’s home garden-based office could be the best alternative available in such situations. Thinking in this direction is U.K. based designer company, who have created a range ‘Pods’ or customizable eco-friendly spaces which you can set up within your garden space and work with comfort and peace.

The Pod space offices come in multiple sizes and specifications and feature 5 primary models; Micro Pod, Micro-pod Max, Mini Pod, Glide Pod, and the Eco Pod. The Micro Pod and Pod Max are smallest sized spaces measuring 2.5 x 2.0m and 3.2 x 2.5m respectively. Both of them have walls with white beech panels and wooden flooring with low energy consuming floor heating system. The lights included in the pod are frameless in design and have customizable shelf space. They come at a cost of around $17,663 each. The Mini Pod is slightly bigger model measuring 4.1 x 3.6m and would be a fair choice as kids’ playroom or even your home based spa, apart from being an office. Construction material includes premium grade West Red Cedar for decking and natural rubber for flooring. The design also provides for installation of extra facilities like shades and blinds for privacy. They would cost you $35,440 each to make. The Glide Pod and Eco Pod are larger format designs which can accommodate more people inside the office at the same time and also have more customizable options. The prices range from $43,127 to 55,065.

Pod Space garden offices

Pod Space garden officesPod Space garden offices

A while back we have also showed you the 3rd Sphere garden rooms, which have a similar concept. Looking at them objectively, one can safely conclude that they will be in increasing demand for the future regarding the shifting of offices towards one’s home. With the high-end designs and quality of engineering, garden spaces will certainly be more useful than they have been in the past.

Via: Garden Room Guide/ Pod Space


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