The lack of motion

Some time ago, about 14 months I received a lot of physiotherapy for damaged tendons and ligaments in my right shoulder. This was and still is painful as I found that my arm would not come straight out in front and all the way to pointing to the sky. Nor would it do the same going sideways unlike my left arm it stopped about 12° from the top.

In the end about this time last year I had a cortisone injection deep in the back of my shoulder which to a certain end worked – even if for six months, since then it was fluctuating on different levels of pain from slight dull aches to ‘bugger that hurt’

This was all tolerable until tonight. Whilst learning some moves for a song in an upcoming show I am in my arm point blank refused to move out sideways past horizontal and in the same movement caused me immense pain.

I think it is time to call the doc again.


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